Connect with your LinkedIn prospects with ease.

Kloser enables the best sales team to discover and communicate with their future customers with a click of a button.

Uncover Accurate Contact Information

Kloser's Chrome extension empowers you to unmask any business professional's work email address and phone number with a click of a button. Simply install the Kloser Chrome extension and visit any prospect's Linkedin profile.

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“Sales representatives only spend 35.2% of their time selling!”


Stop wasting time on hunting down contact info when you could be selling. Start using Kloser and automate the non-revenue generating parts of your day! Our tools help you behave like the superhero you truly are!

Supercharge Yourself

See what others had to say after finding great success using Kloser!

Lucas S.

Software Sales

“I used to spend hours trying to reach a solid lead on Linkedin. Now, I have Kloser plugin open all the time and with just one click of a button I am working on closing a deal.”

Kathrine D.


“Since starting to use Kloser, I am hitting my targets with easy and my quota has been increasing. I think in a few more weeks I will become the top performer in our company! Thank you!”

Ken K.

Real Estate Sales

“I have been impressed with how responsive the Kloser team is to customer feedback. I have sent them a few ideas not expecting much. They are truly listening and have even implemented a few improvements I suggested.:

The Best Use Kloser

The best performing and most innovative companies use Kloser to help their sales teams go further. Kloser helps them connect with prospects, convert more leads, and increase their revenue.

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